All Of Space Is NOT Space

Wrap one’s mind around nothingness? That’s such a breeze,
As there is no such thing. Nothingness can’t exist.
There is space between particles, planets and walls.
All that space is a part of what science now calls
Something so complicated that questions persist.
There is nothing to nothingness that the eye sees.

Place a standard sized beach ball alone in the sand.
That’s the hydrogen nucleus in a nut shell.
It’s electron is hundreds of meters away,
And the size of a walnut, it’s worthwhile to say.
What exists in between the two has much to tell
Of the nature of nothingness if by demand.

Nothingness is without us, within us and more.
What’s perceived are but focal points translated so.
If we call space dark matter or dark energy,
Then it seems a good place holder ‘til we can see
Deeper down through the rabbit hole to what’s below.
Seems there’s plenty of nothingness we can’t ignore.

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