A Class Act

An Able Performer

Everyone loves a circus act. One done with class
By an able performer surely is the best.
As the mantis magician delivers his act
While on stage, there are many bugs’ lives he’ll impact.
His methods are his secret and cannot be guessed.
Audiences react by applauding en masse.

With his pride and self-confidence he’ll disregard
Others’ fickle opinions and stay flying high.
He’s a master of drama and special effects
Of a visual nature that other insects
Find aesthetic and exciting. Wisdom is why
He can captivate others without trying hard.

Rationale of his closest ones keeps him on track.
That he reach his potential is but guaranteed.
Dedicated he is and with strong conviction
To perfecting his style, His work is never done.
Those entranced know that he’s of a different breed.
Excellence is his nature not needing feedback.

Up his sleeve there is nothing. It’s all in the mind
That can reach into others and change how they see
What is not right before them and make it look real.
Magic is the revealing of all we conceal
Through our practiced perceptions. To plant a rock tree
Is an act that I feel is somewhat undefined.

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