‘Ain’t Mis-Physishin’


No pending lawsuits; no fall from grace
I’ll be straight up and right in your face
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ I’m wishin’ good health for you.

I’m not a fisherman who can’t catch a fish
I’m not a musician who hates to musish
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ my mission is tried and true

I won’t prescript you with no reason why
I won’t inject you unless you might die
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ permission shall be my cue

I get enough sleep; my libido’s in check
My heart will not pound if I gaze down your neck
I’m big on privacy; I won’t tell a soul
Of your bad breath or massive malignant mole
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ contrition is mine if I do

My work is my practice; I learn as I go
My patients are teachers; there’s a lot I should know
‘Ain’t mis-physishin,’ your condition is up to you.

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