Feel That It’s Done

Everything's Fine

That which you want to happen is already done.
There’s no two ways about it.  You’ve got to believe
That it’s done first and foremost, and then let it go.
Remain positive and let the universe show
You what it can do. Be in the mode to receive
What you’re wanting. It’s good advice for anyone.

You and the universe are made of vibration.
You’re the creator of your own reality.
There’s a vibrational version of everything
You could ever want. Lining up with it will bring
On the physical version eventually.
You’re a master of deliberate creation.

Sometimes you may not recognize that it’s all done.
You may revert to trying to figure things out
Rather than finding vibrational resonance
With what you want where you’d have a much better chance
Of receiving. Manifestation is about
Focusing your mind with intent and emotion.

What you want is queued up. Once you tune yourself to
The emotion of having it. You will succeed
In achieving it quickly. The intensity
Of emotion you offer can definitely
Get you where your receiving will greatly exceed
Expectations as the universe supports you.

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