Create Big Things

Think Big

Things that are insignificant you can create
Easily. It’s the really big things that are so
Difficult at least that’s the way it seems to be.
It’s true that you create your own reality
But between big and small things it’s good that you know
That there’s no difference. This should make you feel great.

It’s as easy to create a button as it
Is to create a castle. The button is more
Easily believed by you. That’s why it’s easy
To create it. A castle it might as well be
To the universe if that’s what you’re aiming for.
You can create most anything as you see fit.

Ten million dollars is just as easy to make
As ten thousand or twenty. You’re using the same
Application of the Law to three different
Intentions. Only your resistance can prevent
It from happening. Any amount you can claim
As your own. Just believe that it’s a piece of cake.

There’s a mindset that tells you that you’re not worthy.
Try your best to ignore it because it’s not true.
By the power of your wanting you arrived here
To create in this state of the art atmosphere.
You need not justify the creating you do.
Set your sights on the big things and live happily.

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