Testoster-Onus and the Dynamics of Counterdickwise Motion


Some religious books tell of a garden somewhere
Long ago in a land now consumed in a dust.
We all know that sad story, but let me be clear
With a bit of a twist that might fancy your ear.
Take a breath of fresh air. Take a swig if you must
Because this one’s a tale that will cause some to swear.

There are X cells and Y cells and none in-between
Yet what is untold through convenient omission
Is that Y cells are X cells just minus a leg.
The truth is men might have a pardon to beg.
This observation should spark one’s volition
To think of a ‘Genesis of the Obscene.’

Maybe Eve was made first and not Adam, as written.
Then Goddess cast Eve in a powerful spell.
While in play dough mode Goddess then started to play

A piece that was lost manhood claims to this day.
Awakened from slumber, Eve said, “What the hell…?”
There was never a snake, and no apple was bitten.

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