How Much Do You Value Yourself?

How Do You Feel?

How do you feel about yourself? Are you okay
With who you are, and does anything make you proud?
Self-worth is about who you are – not what you do.
If in this area you’re feeling somewhat blue
Like a general misfit who’s lost in the crowd
Do not feel you’re alone. Many folk are this way.

Much of the problem isn’t yours. Society,
With its strong focus on ‘healthy’ competition,
Gets you comparing yourself to others instead
Of your intrinsic value. Do not be misled
By what makes you feel worse. Your only solution
Lies within you. You can’t let the world pass you by.

There will always be someone more successful or
More attractive or richer. That’s why self-esteem
Is a trap for most people. The game isn’t fun
Nor is it healthy for you. You’re the only one
Who can concentrate on your most fulfilling dream
Then the universe will give you strength and much more.

If someone handed you a fifty dollar bill
That was tattered and torn, crumpled up and dirty,
You would accept it as if it were crisp and new.
Life can beat, tear, and crumple, but you are too
Of much worth to the universe. When you can see
This as absolute fact then life becomes a thrill.

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