Just a Jimmy


Does the FBI know me? I speak enough mind
And I don’t care who sees it nor if they exist.
In a world of my own, did I plan it this way?
There may be not a world where one hears what I say.
I am often heartbroken and frequently pissed.
Are there others like me? Am I one of a kind?

I’m the jimmy – the one that will fiddle with things.
On occasion, I get some to work as they did.
There’s a voice deep within me that clearly cries out.
There’s a great deal more to me. Why should there be doubt?
I have nurtured this wee voice since I was a kid.
Since I’m old now, I’m ready to trade it for wings.

Just a jimmy – a lowlife – a half-assed half man
Who took no one’s advice nor did reap their rewards.
Now, not even in wisdom of age can I find
Someone else who is like me – someone of like mind.
When my brief time is done, I will move swiftly towards
The Beginning not winning where I once began.

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