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Sweet Tooth

Irresistable Appeal

As true symbols of Venus, the goddess of love,
Little girls are most special in every nice way.
Little boys are sweet too, but they don’t have to be
In the business of beauty. Their counterparts see
Anything that is charming worth adequate play.
Mars and Venus connect them from way up above.

Everything made delightful is done by the touch
Of a fun-loving spirit to melt the cool heart.
Everyone enjoys sweet things. We freely indulge
With no worry that imbibing may cause a bulge.
Venus is about beauty, and all are a part
Of this life made a masterpiece gifted with much.

Life can be about pleasure. No conflict exists.
Perfect balance ensures there can only be peace.
Pleasant thoughts and good feelings are like precious jewels.
Therapeutic they are if they are viewed as tools
For preparing the negative for its release
As the urging of Venus graciously insists.

Venus is celebration of wisdom and grace
Bonded in the commitment of making all well
In the moment of magic in Venusian eyes
Where the warmth is expected. It’s not a surprise
To find sunshine abundant where spirit may dwell.
Simple are the aesthetics I care to embrace.

Perfect Balance

Static Precision

Perfect Balance between self and others takes place
When relationship with self remains paramount.
We are all parts in motion. A human mobile,
We’re suspended in destiny for a brief while.
The cycle, when completed, becomes our account
Of our flesh acrobatics within time and space.

Can I learn to be peaceful and more self-aware?
Ambience of surroundings that I now behold
Well acquaint me with patience and understanding.
I can deal with a challenge. It makes my heart sing
To do just as I feel as well as what I’m told.
With Mars trine to my Venus, I have not a care.

This one lasts for three days. I continue to write
But with heart now more open to letting things be
In the state of a stasis of harmonic grace
Ever ready for action to get face to face
With the infinite spirit sometimes known as me.
In recording these moments I take full delight.