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Business As Usual

The Flow Of Chaos And Effect

Simple, self-solving puzzles make up the machine
That makes up all existence. I’m given this day
To be guided the right way in all that I do.
If I can get excited in my getting through
The next segment of consciousness, there I would stay.
As an evolving engine, I am a bit green.

Life is all up in this mess I seem to perceive
With my physical senses. The bits and pieces,
As they fall into place automatically,
Move my mind to solutions that I now can’t see.
If I look at things this way, my mood increases.
There is infinite power in what I believe.

People suffer and prosper upon this same pile.
Most eyes are meant to see it much more than are not…
How the plague of injustice stands ever erect
Against basic humanity, yet we connect
To bring love and support. Someone’s sinister plot
Is an ultimate failure that can’t last a while.

That this day is a blessing is already done.
It is I who must live that and make it for real.
Not a social injustice is suffered in vain.
In surviving and knowing, I lessen the pain
Of the stricken by feeling what they often feel.
Then I can look forward to a new self begun.