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Hidden Tensions

Shades of Discontent

Stimulating potential is hidden within
Overlapping concerns for the issues at hand.
One may act in a manner not socially sound
Or one can take the high road where insight is found.
Everything that must take place as I take a stand
Is for my observation. There I shall begin.

I will react on impulse to difficult news
But not in the brief instant does discord evolve
To a festering madness that I must release.
Does working my way through it offer any peace?
Yes it can with good guidance to soothe and absolve
The self-destructive spirit of singing its blues.

Hidden Tensions examined can show me the way
That my heart has held onto the things that don’t fit
That were kept out of habit and simple neglect.
Can I muster the courage to kindly reject
All the pain from past episodes? Can I permit
The unseen to be shown? Does it brighten my day?

Obstacles to believing that things will work out
Will continue bombarding me. And as they do
I must not be offended nor blinded by hope.
Tried and true is this method that I use to cope
With apparent disaster. It comforts me too.
This one thing about living I know without doubt.

Little Tolerance

Feelings Against Ambition

Tolerating upheaval and troublesome quirks
That make life sometimes difficult I’ll do without
By expressing intolerance by what I say.
If I have to do something then be as it may.
Irritation is awful. If you have some doubt
Put yourself in my small shoes and see how that works.

Do not give me your lecture. I’ve heard it before.
You cannot hear me argue, nor have I complained
To the point of annoyance. I cannot do wrong.
I’m your bundle of joy. In your hearts I belong.
Power struggles upset me. Need that be explained?
Please accept my objection to accepting more.

I’m focused and ambitious. I want to succeed.
I need little direction and lots of support
From the people around me. I can’t misbehave.
I just want some attention. Adventure I crave.
Nothing much about life does my nature distort.
I will prosper and flourish only if I’m freed.

I’m beset with high energy. Is it a curse?
None can make such an argument. All is divine.
Though I am well protected from harm in most ways
It is good to hear laughter and warm words of praise
For no reason specific. Just being is fine.
Tolerance we’re attached to for better or worse.

Following Through

Vision of a New Direction

There is no new direction if none can be seen
Where consciousness is facing. My focus works well
Only when it is aimed by omnipotent view.
It can happen most frequently. All I must do
Is be guided by spirit. When so I can tell
By the feeling of lightness. My vision is keen.

I’m alive with self-confidence. Life is a breeze
At high speed on this highway. Caution I must take.
All time is an abstraction of eternity
And the notion of motion is most certainly
An illusion we’re stuck with. Although it is fake
It’s explained well by science. No one disagrees.

When to mitigate danger always will be now.
In the present eternal, time can be made still

So that passage of such is like dust in the air
To blend into the nothingness vacant of care.
Though my Following Through is a part of my will
Spirit remains my main source. I do but allow.

Courage goes well with challenge. An elegant pair,
They dance hand in hand gracefully without a flaw.
Suddenly something happens. I must readjust.
I have faith in my spirit so in it I trust.
Reconciling one’s evil can be none but raw.
But it is what the soul needs. What moves me to share?

A Dark Stew Simmering

Compulsive Ideation

Dark emotions at low heat are stirred with some care
As if slowly discerning chaos taking place
At the whim of the movement of one person’s arm.
If the stew is disgusting, to stir it with charm
Is as bad as observing it. Damn the disgrace
I incur while preparing a meal of despair.

Some times are best lived indoors where safe people are
From my errant behavior. It stays within bounds
That the self can control well without being mean.
But if I keep on cooking I’ll have much to clean.
It’s not meant for consumption – not even by hounds
Who are horridly human and grossly bizarre.

I can’t eat what I’m cooking. Attempts sometimes fail
Long before thoughts of hunger go stale in the mind.
Using fear and confusion to season the stew
Is a mad spark of genius. What more can I do
To expunge negativity of every kind
From the soul of the sick self and thus avoid jail?

Feeling closely at hunger is effort worthwhile.
Motives must be examined for how I behave
And the cause of my triggers are rightly revealed.
Miracles often happen. If I may be healed
Of the worst that exiles me what pain might I save?
The good chef becomes well by admitting denial.


Recursive Imbalance

Counteracting my efforts throughout a hard day
(As I would want to call it if not at my best)
Are the actions of others. So, in the spotlight
Is a fierce competition. Perhaps a good fight
Is appropriate simply because I’m not stressed.
Rather I’m motivated to see it my way.

Challenges in connection with all that I do
To maintain my existence I feel as sharp pain
Through the heart of my thinking. Can I see them as
Counterforces benevolent? My response has
All to do with my vision. The need to maintain
My true sense of belonging can hardly accrue.

At accomplishing goals that are lined in a row
I still knock them profusely like ducks at the fair.
This can be quite the campground of guarded delight.
Every being is doing what they think is right.
We would be not quite human if we didn’t care
About things worth our fighting for. Does it not show?

Tension amplifies character, when in the still
And the calm of the spirit, the moment is found
That brings balance to wisdom no matter its weight.
I am pissed, and I know it. This negative state
Need not be a directive. Nor should I expound
Any more in the issue. It is overkill.

The Fertile Subconscious

Deep Subliminal Urges

Some have said that it’s fertile. The subconscious realm
Exists outside of reason. To reach it one must
Clear the mind of its clutter then program it still.
Not by sources from outside but through one’s own will
Is connection available. I’ve learned to trust
Navigating this sea with no one at the helm.

It consists of deep feelings, among other things
Of the aqueous nature. A soup of context
Best describes what it feels like. I find myself food
For the thoughts of all others just as they are viewed
As my source of consumption. Whatever comes next
Is unknown yet expected. Enjoyment this brings.

Social distancing favors connections that are
Telepathic and virtual in a venue
Having not much to do with the dandy device.
Well-programmed for invasion, it knows to make nice
Which makes me not decisive. At least I should do
Something totally natural and not bizarre.

Going inward is heavy, but to the lightweight,
Such as I, it becomes clearly another chance
For release of my essence for its only sake.
Only in my so doing will I come awake
To the tune of life’s music then learn how to dance.
For the world who would know me, I’m here to create.

General Disagreement

Mirroring Authority

On the negative side there’s so much to be seen.
It seems to be capacitive as in voltage –
The pressure, as attention to tension contrasts
The inverse of aggression. Obsessive broadcasts
Of inherent disease accented by pure rage
Is but one way to treat the heart, but it is mean.

One can get to the positive one of two ways:
Either back through the circuitry where the unseen
Works its way through connections we thought we had lost,
Or across the short space gap at risk of some cost
To the magnetic ego. But all becomes clean
In the spark of the spirit empowered to raise.

Is it also inductive? As blood currents flow
Through the bodily systems, emotions are stirred
But they’re ill due to trauma. The drama intake
Far exceeds rated amperage. Though the heartache
To be peaceful when something other is preferred
Is a small price to pay for the gift one should show.

Life is not without conflict and bad circuitry
Where all discrete components have gone to make room
For the next generation of plastic endowed
With proprietary coded thoughtware to crowd
The most vacant of space a cheap thing might assume.
The on/off switch is magic. So please disagree.

Curriculum Of Feeling

Desire For Depth

Daily routine is cool only if there is much
Infinite exploration where living is fun.
I can feel self-discovery and all the things
That cause awe and excitement. My childish heart sings
Right on key in the schoolhouse made for everyone.
To best see what I’m knowing I must learn to touch.

My familiar surroundings bring comfort to me.
Though it is safe to have them I do want some change.
I can transform the earth according to her laws
And the mind ever mutable yet with its flaws
Is the cure for my boredom, as sound it may strange.
A complete education is ever to be.

Foreign lands I may travel to in times of peace
But for now telepathically lessons must flow
Between master and student. The teaching proceeds
As the learning continues. Greater are the needs
Of the youngest among us who must come to know
What it is that befalls us, then give it release.

If my freedom is threatened, I learn but not well.
What seduces my focus corrupts what is learned.
So I must stay directed. If I am afraid
Such a lethal distraction will yield a bad grade.
What indeed is the issue? Need I be concerned
That I am such a student that one could expel?

The Weight Of The World

The Pain of the Earth

Can she still know her beauty when all she can feel
Is remorse and a heaviness deep in her soul?
Or do I just imagine that she will get well
While in comfort within her digestion I dwell?
Am I that much of notice as part of her whole?
I must then look upon her as someone most real.

Should her constant and nagging weight issues be mine?
Am I part of her problems by what I don’t know
For whatever the reason? How did I evolve
To become an infection for her to resolve
To the best of her knowledge? What debt do I owe
For my earthly existence? And is there a fine?

I must hope not to harm her and feel, if I do,
Where it hurts her the deepest and park my soul there.
There can only come healing when one step I take
Toward my clutter’s upheaval. To be more awake
To her subtle vibration is something to share.
Every moment eternal is also brand new.

Frustrating are restrictions. We place them upon
What she does, and she laughs. We do entertain well.
As a talented stepchild I may earn my keep
Finding ways to amuse her. It’s not a far leap
From the word soup perversity wherein I dwell.
I shall pay off my debt long before I am gone.

Affirmative Empathy

Intimacy and Trust

Strong, long lasting relationships with care are made
Over time through commitment. Support for the one
Who is of most importance is taken to heart.
Their souls know not of loneliness. When they’re apart
They are linked by their spirits, and no work is done
To make psychic connection. They are their crusade.

 Similar to opponents, the roles that we choose
To uphold disagreement with passion are played.
We spend time to perfect the processes of war.
It would seem that the thrill of the fight we adore.
We are interlinked also by being afraid
Of the innocent contact because we may lose.

Where we place our attention is where we evolve
And take root in the ways that we all interact.
This life energy drama is taken for real.
How we are with all others affects how we feel.
Graciousness from the heart depends not upon tact.
All remain independent with not much to solve.

Loved ones, friends, and archenemies, and those unknown
Are the world’s population. We all know us all
On some level unseen and unknown as we’re here.
Can it be an adventure? Must it involve fear?
Nothing short of a world war can lead to our fall.
Is that something our dear mother earth would condone?

Taking Inspired Action

Self-Sacrifice for Universal Gain

Helping others is fine if myself I can serve,
First of all, to the wellness already in place.
I can be both assertive and willing to learn
What it is about living that is of concern
To the whole and ever evolving human race.
There is only deciding to drum up the nerve.

In control of illusion I would hope to be,
While creative endeavor envelopes my soul.
I perform in a funhouse. I’ll make it my own,
And with many reflections I am not alone,
As I am at the center. I play the lead role
Of ignited uniqueness at warmest degree.

Kinder, gentler, and sweeter this moment I take
As a gift from the cosmos in infinite grace…
Or perhaps from the bible. All ever is true
To the dance I perform seeming long overdue.
Helpfulness to another I’ll then reembrace.
While immersed in seclusion I am more awake.

 Living is volunteer work. The earth charity
Consists of all its creatures – the big and the small.
There are forces at play here – some evil… some good
Depending on perceptions. It’s all understood
By playwright and director, yet soon to be all.
Compassion is consuming as I become free.

Passive Submissive Disorder

Perverse and Lousy Sex

What I see as perversion, does my own become
Something sharp in a haystack that dares to be found?
Sexual is the nature of horny old men
Who assume their positions and copulate when
Any hat dropped by dominance in the background
Demands perfect performance within the world slum.

Some devolve into street hoes. The drive to get slammed
Every which way but sane for the right price is theirs’.
The aggressor who owns one controls in a way
That long since became public. Remember that day?
He will keel for the enemy, but… Hey, who cares?
His disgusting dysfunction is due to be damned.

It’s too much information as golfing he’ll go
In a pout to the nation. We get on his nerves.
Yes, we’re messing with you, friend. You need to be gone
With the wind and the horses you dreamt here upon.
He’s afraid of his partner who he knows deserves
An up front confrontation. Why put on a show?

Always more, the outrageous within the absurd
Entertains and delights most the world everyday
As each new day a new stain is seen on his soul.
Light of day shall reveal what can make again whole
All who suffer the trauma. Begone I do pray.
Sex should not be an issue. That’s how it’s preferred.

Positive Thinking

Acute Insight and Keeping an Open Mind

Making plans for the future while felling, right now,
That I’m fueled by adventure is my heart’s delight.
Nothing wrong can affect me when I am this way.
It would be nice if this high would last through the day.
Possibilities permeate all in my sight.
Goodness rains down upon me, and I just allow.

Mercury transiting Jupiter, when they trine,
Form a positive angle. The mind does expand
Far beyond earthly limits. The Native I Am
Radiates what is hot but is cool as a clam
During this two-day period. This one is grand.
Surely I’ll take advantage when planets align.

Gentle thoughts are eccentric. As they coalesce
Into amperage able to shout out some zeal
That I have for this realness, I tell of it here
In this journal diurnal with no hint of fear.
If I want to know people, to hear how they feel
Is acute affirmation…. But, I’ll not digress.

Why not keep the mind open? Have I not free will?
Do the planets control us in that rigid way
As mythology fashioned them? I do forget
On occasion most frequent – Sometimes with regret
That I always have choices. This time I will play
To my own heart’s advantage. Right now is a thrill!

I can see that most problems I have are my own.
Other times I can’t see that, but I have the choice
If I can but remember. My human nature
Is a possible essence that now is impure.
When I feel the forgetfulness it is by voice
Of the cosmic vibration wherein I atone.

On The Cusp Of Charisma

Toward the Bounce In One's Step

Who appreciates ugliness in any form?
No one does. It is beauty we all want to see.
Well made objects and people who glow like the sun
Are all pleasures in life that no sane one would shun.
Charisma is magnetic. It’s healthy to be
In the comfort of company blessed and warm.

Sometimes I cannot look well nor feel fine inside.
Between inside and outside there is middle ground
Where the two can exchange paths and instantly find
Empathy in reclusion with brightness of mind.
In that magical moment charisma is found
Where the wisdom within one will shine with great pride.

They are not mirror images as it is seen
By the real world with limited pointless of view.
Yet, they are seen by consciousness. This is the fact
In both spirit and physical. Here we enact
How we all are connected. In nowhere we knew.
So can I beam like sunshine? That would not be mean.

Every day is a new day. The choice is my own.
Should I dream about ecstasy or gloom and doom?
Dreaming both inter-mixed well may be the relief
That the self should accept because this life is brief.
All within the encounter there’s not enough room.
I rejoice in the goodness that I may have shown.

Be Flexible

Readjust Thinking

Telling folks to Be Flexible is an insult
To the blow become rigid with focused intent
To endanger composure and relative health.
If our leaders were concentrated not on wealth
But the growth of the nation would it then prevent
Disillusionment? Progress would be the result.

When the house is on fire and the managers of
Firefighters are more cognizant of the cost
Of the water that’s needed to put the fire out,
Then our situation is hopeless beyond doubt.
I have faith in the system, but something is lost.
What I feel is nowhere near patriotic love.

 Rubber bands in tight balls are we as we whiz by
One another attempting to do what we can
To regain some wholeheartedness in how we live
Day to day through the crisis. What else would we give?
We The People can implement a better plan
To enact restoration or give up and die.

We are not made of rubber, but we are indeed
Flexible in our stamina and strength of will
To defend what we need to before it’s too late.
As it stands our future is determined by fate
And by those whose own needs they would rather fulfill.
What it takes is a village to cancel out greed.

Subjective Truth

Subconscious Desire for Nurturance

Seeing someone else’s point of view now and then
I can do but with difficulty, so it’s best
That I keep mine subjective as well as their own.
I will react to others in ways overblown.
Ways of looking at life sometimes shouldn’t be stressed.
If they are, I will falter again and again.

Sensitive and confounding, my feelings arise
From the depths of the psychic substrata within.
If I dare not to share them no change does it make
To the world’s points of view. It would be a mistake
To express what is true for me. It would be sin
To present my Subjective Truth to other’s eyes.

But under what circumstances can this be so?
Every human condition exists to be known
To the whole of existence. Now, if this is true
Then I can see my effort as something brand new.
Perseverance is futile if I am alone
Yet a part of all that is above and below.

I’m addicted to trueness as all people are
So immersed in uncertainty wanting to know
What it is we experience as we live on.
There is nothing but truth when this short time is gone.
What is known by true spirit is destined to flow
Into present awareness. Wisdom is not far.

Favors Granted

Knowing Opportunity, Goals, Ambition an Satisfaction

Giving gifts is a favor to oneself and those
Who receive what is offered. The gesture delights
Everyone who is part of it. And there’s no need
To ensure satisfaction. Our lives may proceed
With that sense of fulfillment that truly excites.
Elements of surprise are fragrant like the rose.

It feels good to influence folks in a good way.
Anything bringing pleasure to someone we know
Is a blessing from spirit translated to form.
Giving sanctifies feeling and keeps the heart warm.
Nothing else is of value but hearts set aglow
By enacting the favor that makes someone’s day.

Ambitions well-adjusted to giving freely
Enhance greatly the attitude and the outlook
On the otherwise uncertain times we may face.
We do ourselves a favor by living in grace.
What is favored the most is the spirit unshook
By the state of the larger world shunted from glee.

Favors Granted are magical in that they move
What has not seen much exercise in a long time.
They refresh what is stale and uplift what’s been down.
Are we fine with an act that can upturn a frown?
Despite all that is happening life is sublime.
When you give from the heart all of life will improve.

Healing Battle Wounds

All Those Enemies' Minds

Living to get things done – like survival and such –
Some can’t tolerate weakness. Impatient are they
To the world’s sensitivities. Presumably
There is no bad intention. With no need to see
Finer detail, some know but a world that is gray
With some parts of the blue and green but not too much.

Well-prepared to do battle, each day is a fight
For the lone interloper. Not willing to stray
From the tough straight and narrow, with pride some engage
What they sense as the other. The ensuing rage
Follows audible discourse. This must be the way
To survive yet another day and the dark night.

Seeing red isn’t possible but some detect
Full blown redness in others then want to respond
With what humans call hatred. But we cannot see
What it is in our nature that can set us free
From the need for predation. We’re one step beyond
What the beasts have in common. They have some respect.

To politicize warfare is to no one’s gain.
Socially we are triggered by every detail.
Our perception of color in manifold hues
May be much to our detriment if we so choose
To denounce evolution. All that can prevail
Is incompetent vision and ongoing pain.

Love Of Mystery

Exploring Infinite Inner Dimensions

I’m in love with the mystery. Can this be true
When so much is uncertain and not to be known
To this self and all others caught up in this dream?
I will not find most answers though I am extreme
In my quest for enlightenment. This life has shown
That the point of the asking makes cloudy my view.

My incessant inquiries made to the vast whole
Of existence I trust are received with respect
To my fervor in asking. My focus is keen
And I hope that my effort is rightfully seen
As a labor of love that I cannot neglect.
Be it that all my probing will strengthen my soul.

 Superficial are explanations that provide
But the least bit of substance. To get something more
Is the work of a lifetime. And I am prepared
To search hard and discover what then can be shared
With those ripe to be whetted like never before
By a deeper connection to serve as a guide.

Mystery is astounding. To investigate
Is the path to fulfillment. The thirst of the soul
Is the mission in living. Wisdom is revealed
In the process of being. The soul can be healed
Of all things that will keep it from reaching its goal.
Love Of Mystery accents my will to create.

Emotional Support

Freedom to Express Self Among Friends

Does it come from a help line or android phone app,
Or perhaps from a bottle, a joint, or a pill?
Where support is most needed is known to the soul.
Nothing outside the body can render it whole.
Expression of emotion is by one’s free will
In the hope that compassion will fill in the gap.

Measures out of the ordinary one must take
To ensure that connections with others are such
That support is forthcoming and always at hand
At the moment most needed. Yet, one can’t demand
What is not being offered but wanted so much,
For the consequence will put the friendship at stake.

My thinking is progressive. If I feel a pain
That I can’t fully process, I must go within
Rather than cast myself as a creature of need
Otherwise friendship with me most people would heed.
I’d prefer not to be caught committing that sin.
People have their own issues. Why drive them insane?

Sociable and gregarious… I’ll play that role
As long as there’s a measure of truth in my act.
I can learn to perform well to honor the peace
Of the human collective. I may find release
Of my social misgivings. Then I may attract
What is offered in kindness to my aching soul.

On The Line

Hypre-Attentive to Detail

No relief in the martyr game is to be found.
Pretending things are alright with me, all the while
Subtly signaling horror, I am On The Line
Between dream and reality. Everything’s fine

Even though I’m aware of my blatant denial
Of the peace that betrays me while high off the ground.

Thinking of health and fitness and proper hygiene
Is a most useless exercise in times of strife.
With my nose to the grindstone and steeped in routine
None can notice discomfort. In fact, I’m not seen.
Everyone in their own way responds to this life
With insight and emotion to keep the heart clean.

Taking care of the details in my daily life
With concern for no other may feed my distress.
As the human condition wreaks havoc on souls,
On The Line I tread carefully needless of goals.
My contingent response is a lonely process.
An inscrutable puzzle is dealing with strife.

Improving and perfecting the ease, that I know
Is a part of my essence, may set my heart free
From malignant perceptions. This world and its ways
Are not for me to judge nor to offer my praise.
I can find some relief in just letting it be
As it is and may always be. Then I may grow.

Delays And Delusions

Huge Challenge To Overcome

It is hard work to hike across ground that is parched
As it is to skip unnoticed over the law
Of the land overheated by social unrest.
Is this why we consider our nation the best?
Some world leaders are best at exploiting our flaw
As they curse the land where freedom fighters had marched.

Leaders transacting business for personal gain
Undermine the legality built to withstand
Infiltration by powers who want to grab hold
Of our treasured democracy and make it fold
To the wrath of dictatorship over this land.
Are we destined to suffer and endure the pain?

Our Delays And Delusions are hell to behold.
Even in celebration it’s hard to forget
What is felt. The solution is not far away.
Can we have enough faith in our election day?
The last time, We The People were filled with regret
For the ones who are paid to do as they are told.

From point A to point B is a treacherous course
Notwithstanding support from where it can be found.
Do I make it my business to know what is right?
I am left with poor vision amid this dark night
Of the soul of the nation. Do I stand my ground
Or do nothing? The latter would welcome remorse.

Deeper Understanding

Transformative Words and Healing

What comes next is the healing of unresolved pain.
Deepening is the discord that lies at my feet
In the form of a crystal ball I will not lift.
I await what some speak of as the major shift
That will lead to the dark force’s righteous defeat
As the whole world rejoices the death of their reign.

What is outside is inside. This time that I take
To digest what has happened to this land and I
Will be used for reflection. Rejection of harm
To myself and all others is my psychic charm.
Are there some more effective that I’d care to try?
This nightmare most atrocious will scare me awake.

A Deeper Understanding of all that takes place
Cannot come without courage and faith of the heart
That is otherwise broken beyond all belief.
I am caught in a stranglehold, therefore relief
Is of utmost importance. Indeed, a fresh start
And a change in the weather comes only by grace.

The emotional messages fall like the rain
From collective subconscious clouds near overhead.
They uplift, yet I fear them. The hopelessness felt
Undermines my composure in what is now dealt
To the ignorant masses and hearts that have bled.
Yet the depth of my knowing has not come in vain.

Bombs Bursting In Air

Surreal Celebration

Am I not patriotic if I can’t believe
That the red glare holds anything close to his heart
But the fall of the nation? Bombs Bursting In Air
Is an image of hope for those deep in despair
Because their independence makes them not a part
Of the whole they belong to. I’m not so naïve.

The incendiary nature of air warfare
Evolved into poetic expression because
Of what took place in Baltimore some time ago.
They defied the attack of the British, we know.
We commit that to memory and give applause
To the brave ones who fought hard that threat from the air.

It’s an ongoing story. We still are at war
With ourselves while the British we’ve made an ally
‘Til the red glare destroys that, as he tends to do
At the whim of his leader who he bows down to.
What’s become of this land now is such a far cry
From what had been intended. What hell is in store?

What bursts now is pandemic. A fever descends
Upon us with a viciousness unparalleled
In our vast human history. And the red glare
Is a constant reminder to all who must care
That we take back our freedom that now is withheld.
We shall not see the day when democracy ends.

The Collector

Easy Appeal to a Broad Audience

Constantly I collect things. Are they of much use
In my everyday living? Or are they a waste
Of my precious soul’s energy? Should I take care
That some of what I’ve gathered may cause me despair?
If I get rid of some of them are they erased
Completely from my memory as in ‘Vamoose?’

What I have does fulfill me. Some I must let go.
Since I no longer need them, why keep them around?
Do I feel I will want them at some future time?
I should be in the moment where life is sublime.
Things I feel that are lost now are not to be found
In the past nor the future. This I should well know.

To achieve complete oneness the balance I seek
Must involve getting rid of the things I don’t need
If I see them as clutter. The urge to collect
Is one thing that I have and that I can perfect
With some careful attention. It could turn to greed
Which can lead to disaster and make the soul weak.

When attached with emotion to things that I own
I may feel they’re a part of me. This is the flaw
In the otherwise logical process of thought.
If and when it’s discovered in grace I am taught
That the things of most value are those that bring awe
To my humble existence, as living has shown.

Something New

Too Bored To Look Back

There’s no reason for boredom. If life drags me down
Then a crap load of mind clutter must be the cause.
Taking on Something New, then, may remedy that.
Moving forward is something I don’t have down pat
So, whenever I do, I give myself applause.
If I stay where I am I can wear but a frown.

There’s so much to explore in this world made most real
To the physical senses and magnetic mind.
They all work in conjunction and focus my soul
Into fact-finding consciousness. It’s not my goal
To not be interwoven among humankind.
Something New resurrects me. It has great appeal.

 Before me there’s a corridor made of pure light.
I cannot see what’s in it, yet I must go there.
All the trust in my doing so comes from within.
All points leading to one place is where I begin
An exciting adventure I would not compare
To the sameness I know now. The future is bright.

Not content with the mundane, I need full release
From apparent entrapment the self has allowed
To take over its spirit. It’s loving life force
Does return to its natural wholeness, of course.
With a thirst for discovery I am endowed.
Something New is a blessing of ultimate peace.

Slightly Out Of Focus

Drifting Into Reverie

An impressionist painting appears before me.
It’s Slightly Out Of Focus. I cannot discern
Between shadow and color. The image is vague.
The reality evident does not but plague
My most natural vision. Is this a downturn
In my quest to see clearly? I doubt this can be.

Every confounding episode lasts but a while.
So I know that this one will eventually
Pass away into memory. I may forget
All about this experience. I won’t regret
Having been in a fog. At some point I will see
What I haven’t seen this day. I may even smile.

Random thoughts as they scatter the untidy mind
Coalesce in confusion. The fuzziness there
Cannot be quite the good thing that I might address
Totally in a confident way, I confess.
If the mind harms the heart in a fit of despair
I will pray that the world is attentive and kind.

I can paint a nice picture from all that I know
At this time as at any. This time I must take
To restore my completeness as I do always.
To keep track of events as they happen these days
Is a task unbecoming. I am wide awake
As the world plays the mind, yet I’m destined to grow.

Self-Assertive Energies

Unforeseen Forces

Energies Self-Assertive are always at play.
They’re a part of ourselves as they are everything
Both alive and not so much so. All want to be
All that freedom in doing so is plain to see.
Full expression of selfhood in freedom we bring
To the forefront of nature. We’re not led astray.

Exercise of self-discipline is not the goal
That is sought by the life force within each of us.
Rather growth in fulfillment of resident drive
Is the primary reason that we are alive.
With regard to the process, what’s there to discuss?
Engagement in becoming is best for the soul.

Playfulness in encounter and strength of the will
Are the key to enlightenment. Each brand new day
Brings ongoing adventure while here on this earth.
Any moment we choose can be one of rebirth.
And like every newborn we are willing to stay
For the wealth of excitement. We’re here for the thrill.

A Perpetual Dance

Heart Versus Mind

Some folk feel with the mind. Others think with the heart.
One of each as a couple engage in a dance
Where there may be some conflict. But they perform well
On the whole as creators as long as they dwell
In respect of their movement. It isn’t by chance
That the dance will ensure that they never shall part.

There can be often discord. The steps that one takes
Can disrupt what the other had planned as they move
Through the ballroom. Together they work their way through
To a better performance as each of the two
Make the best of a good thing with nothing to prove
But that total commitment a better dance makes.

To achieve perfect balance may not be the goal
Since perfection exists only as an ideal.
The reality offers what most couples need
To enhance their fulfillment. Must one take the lead
By default? Or is sharing of much more appeal?
Either way the relationship becomes more whole.

Intuition and ego may stroll hand in hand
To the tempo intolerant to falling short
Of the deal made in love to continue the dance.
Nothing short of disaster will spoil the romance.
Mutual is the essence of loving support
And the fruits of the labor is something most grand.

Out Of The Air

We Are Stardust

Inspiration and insight from Out Of The Air
To the energized crowd is a sight to behold
Whether part of what’s happening or standing by.
What takes place in the air lifts the low spirit high.
Any worthwhile performance is one that is bold
In its mode of expression. What do they all share?

Stimulating encounters occur if by chance
When within proper setting the air is fulfilled
By the people’s excitement. They’re wanting to move
To the beat of true freedom with nothing to prove
But their thirst for enjoyment and need to be thrilled
In the heat of the moment with good song and dance.

It may be a fast tempo or one that is slow.
Both translate into hyper speed needless of will.
All of those in attendance are ripe for the ride
That will transform whatever they’re feeling inside
To that which is ecstatic. It’s simply a thrill
To be airborne and weightless with not much to know.

Smaller worlds in the real one are made to bring ease
To the act of communing and being alive.
From the air rightly crafted we breathe in relief
And release negativity. Our lives are brief.
Having fun is essential. There’s no need to strive
Without taking some time to do just as we please.

The Complete Picture

In Touch With All That Is

Who can be optimistic? The Picture Complete
Is a vision evasive. I can’t see it all.
Enough room on the canvas I want more than need
For a full understanding. Is consciousness freed
From the quest for more learning beyond the banal?
If I can’t know the answer, am I in defeat?

I may claim to be clear minded, yet I have doubt
That what remains unknown is a stick in the craw.
Do I want to know everything that can be known
To the human or deity? I’m more than prone
To attempt the impossible. Is this a flaw
In my aberrant nature I can’t live without?

If I got what I wanted, would life be a bore?
Or would I find contentment in being a sage
Who dispenses such wisdom from infinite source?
I can only be human and searching, of course,
For life’s ultimate meaning. By will I engage
All the confounding drama. I’ll not ask for more.

All my plans and ideas sustain my true worth
To all that I am made of and from where I came.
This includes all of substance and spirit unknown
To the flesh that encases me. What I am shown
Is that life is a mystery. Therefore, my aim
Is to contemplate faithfully while on this earth.

Maximum Restraint

Imprisonment Of The Soul

When I was in the navy a colleague of mine
Said there would be a race war. I blew the man off.
Since I had to work with him each and every day
He’d reiterate hatred the pure racist way.
His intent, although clear, only caused me to scoff
Though I couldn’t take his sentiment as benign.

Did I need him to tell me some decades ago
Of volcanic activity deep in the earth
That will one day erupt into fervent bloodshed?
I’m aware there are those who wish all niggers dead.
But I wasn’t taught any of this since my birth
From my down to earth family. Shouldn’t it show?

I’ll avoid confrontation. My life is at stake.
My restraint must be maximum so I’ll survive
Both the prelude to warfare and tragic outcome.
White supremacists will go on beating their drum
To stir up the excitement. While I am alive
I’ll keep doing what I’m doing with no heartache.

All I’ll use is my voice. It’s enough to withstand
Every manner of ordnance the era calls for.
There are those who, much younger, still have a good fight.
They may march to the front line and do what is right.
Is there nothing in warfare that we can abhor?
If there’s not then predictions will proceed as planned.

Be Yourself!

Freedom of Self-Expression

Can I feel who I am just as well as I know
How excited life makes me and what I must do
To maintain self-fulfillment and honor my growth?
Heart and mind are attentive. I entertain both
All the while I am Being. I Am what is true
To my wildest desire. In this freedom I grow.

Energy feeds my spirit. Artistic pursuit
Gives me infinite pleasure. My day is complete
With an outlook aesthetic and true to my goal
Of enriching my craft and redeeming my soul
Of the fear that impedes and ensures my defeat.
This world does have its issues. I am not astute.

Life for me is a hobby. A lighthearted way
To express and relate to that which I belong
I adopt without worry of being let down.
Alternate ways of being forever abound.
My belief in who I am is vivid and strong.
All the work that I do is for elegant play.

Hurtful Arguments


Dissolution of family feathers the cap
Of specific world leaders. The United States
Is an opportune land where democracy reigns.
We’re a huge-cunted whore and nobody complains.
It’s a wakeup face slap to know they rule our fates.
Convoluted mechanics leaves us in a trap.

It begins with the family. Tension is there
And has been from the git go. It then preexists
Due to shallow upbringing or character flaw
Or whatever. The human is subject to law.
Any mind kin to Satan’s by nature consists
Of the drive to manipulate over the air.

We’re a nation divided. We know for a fact
That our cold civil warfare world leaders exploit.
Yet we’re doomed to feel helpless. The slow motion pace
Of recovery seconds the slap in the face.
Will we stand for another? The master adroit
At assessing behavior has studied our act.

We’re a door-matted Cancer. Our wide open ways
Means that we swim with creatures that will do us harm.
And when we least expect it we’re arguing for
Or against some tense issue, and we beg for more.
One would think a pandemic would make us disarm
But our strange human nature is damned to amaze.

Minding The Work – Working The Mind

The Work of Mental Feeling

Close attention to technique in detail for me
Is the basis of consciousness. And I believe
That the mind is an asset tremendous in worth.
Thought can mingle with non-thought for maximum mirth.
It is at the mind level we give and receive
Before actual substance ever comes to be.

So the work becomes mental. With help from the heart,
Who is equal co-ruler in all that is done,
Much mental manufacturing can be produced.
When both work well together the thinking is spruced.
Then the fruits of creation are second to none
Among normal producers. My living is art.

Most imaginative is the spirit at best.
This profound revelation means that I’m made free
To accomplish whatever I set my heart to
And the mind is supportive in all that I do.
My developing work skills were all meant to be
Part of my life experience and quite a test.

Calm And Foresight

Calm Above The Storm

Lofty goals are achievable, and climbing high
Is but one way to reach them. If I look ahead,
In my mind, way beyond the incumbent turmoil
I’ll afford myself foresight. I need not embroil
Myself in all the drama that I’ve come to dread.
To ascend into clarity is worth a try.

Motivated by ego, my mission evolves
Toward a lifelong commitment to speaking my mind
And my heart. When in balance they animate me.
While improving my process further I can see.
Will this self end up being but one of a kind?
If it does would it be that my effort dissolves?

Confidence means reflection from others if I
Make it all too important that my words be read
By but one other self. I will do myself well
By remaining above cloud. In calmness I dwell
Wherein I am contented. I will not instead
Become one who is needy. My soul would then die.

Calm And Foresight is recommended in this case.
It’s by far the solution to get where I need.
Both the journey and reaching the destination
Can be done while I’m having a good share of fun.
Who but spirit can tell me that I should proceed
As they furnish the content in infinite grace?

Through The Eyes Of Children


Little children see grownups as beings supreme.
We can do almost anything, and we are smart.
But we simply adore them. It’s not all that hard.
We are more conscientious. At best we will guard
Them against any danger. They light up the heart.
All the love that we give them cannot be extreme.

Everyday interchanges with them do delight
And sometimes there is tension. We handle that well
Due to our firm commitment to seeing them grow
To their fullest potential. At times we may show
Parts of us that they shouldn’t see, and they can tell
When we act out of fear. They do know wrong from right.

Smaller replicas of we adult folk they are.
And in fact they have feelings and intellect too.
If we were more like them they would be more like us.
It’s a notion of interest we may discuss
At some length to discover some ways that are new
For ensuring they see us as not too bizarre.

Helpful Words

What Am I, Fake China?

There are consequences for my bigness on words.
I must learn how to use them. That part isn’t bad
But to speak them so that folks clearly understand
What my point is is much harder than I had planned.
What I need be more careful of is going mad
By believing that my words are fit for the birds.

Are words meant to be helpful? Sometimes they are used
As a most lethal weapon. They can do much harm.
They often can bring joy and some relief from pain.
When they’re hard to express we release them with strain.
Some have learned how to use them to highlight their charm
And their egos will leave people rightly amused.

When the spirit within me commands me to write
I do not seek a motive. I do as I’m told.
Then the words flow like magic. No effort is there.
Writers block, when it happens, is something most rare
And most frequently I produce stuff of pure gold.
If I think nothing of it I’m filled with delight.

Evasive Maneuvers

Untidy Reality

Strong desires and anxieties speed up the game
As it’s seen by no others. Perhaps if I hide
Far away then the madness will start making sense.
Either way I am doomed and I have no defense.
I wish more white supremacists were on my side
Then I’d win reelection and cast off my shame.

I’ve always been evasive. There’s no other way.
If innate paranoia of being without
Is the root of my problem then I must proceed
With a coldblooded ruthlessness focused on greed
Let me not know the truth that I’m filled with self-doubt
And just listen to everything I have to say.

Running low on maneuvers, in panic I fear
The nightmare in slow motion as clearly I see
Through my mask of illusion. The harm I have done
Is not even an issue. It might have been fun
If the folks I commanded were loyal to me
And not to the damned country. I don’t hold it dear.

I just wish I could walk off and never come back.
This deal was such a lousy one. What have I gained?
I’m now driven insane and my health is a wreck.
All the help I appointed were pains in the neck.
Somehow I feel my exit will be unexplained.
The whole world knows already that I am a quack.

Breath Of The Beast

The Inscrutable Heat

The process of digestion for demons is like
Global Warming. A chill up the spine is a sign
That things are getting hotter and so much the same
As it was in the sixties. When breath is aflame
There can be no concluding that everything’s fine
Yet we’ll speak with a blow torch beyond the hot mike.

I do this, but I like it. Need I be concerned
That such creature I might be? My words may burn through
Any means that presents them. Then what have I done
But ignited my message so that I’ve reached none
But perhaps those who have heated breath as I do?
I don’t need to get with them. That lesson I’ve learned.

When I don’t harbor hot breath do I find relief
In the moment for not being part of the hell
That is sprung up around me? Or do I mistake
My delusion for innocence? Peace I must make
With the human machinery within I dwell.
The life spans of most demons is known to be brief.

Bring It On!

Fierce Opposition

I’m prepared to work hard. When things get in the way
It’s just part of the job. I must use the right tool
Like a social mechanic of highest degree.
Others see me as ruthless. Does that bother me?
If it did I’d be nothing but everyone’s fool.
Keep your nose out of my business. Have a nice day!

If you do seek a challenge, however, that’s great!
You’re prepared to be slaughtered? The pleasure is mine.
Bring It On! I’m damned ready to teach you defeat.
When the student is ready one mother he’ll meet
Who will turn not from battle. This is by design
Of my choices and all that determines my fate.

Yes, I must have a history, as do we all.
It is life as I see it and not a big deal
As long as there are boundaries made firm and clear.
If allowed peace, of course, I will work on my fear.
If I hit the ground swinging, that which I must feel
Is a lesson for me that I can’t see as small.

Eager For Input

Psychic Thirst

Is the face of your best friend one you can tend to?
He does listen attentively to every sound
That comes forth from your own face. He’s eager for more
From you who is his plaything. What else is in store
Besides good grub and company? What you have found
Is a magnetic consciousness who’s much like you.

 I am eager for input just like a young dog.
I suspect that we all are, but I can’t be sure
So I quickly revert to the human I am.
None of us are dogs’ masters… If so, it’s a sham!
We are much more than equal, and they are more pure.
They intuit whenever we’re caught in a fog.

Feeling and full attention flow faithfully fast
Between student and teacher. We each play both parts,
Switching back and forth frequently. Wagging the tail
Is the constant reminder for all to prevail
In this life we’ve provided through convergent hearts
Eagerness for the input life offers is vast.

Language is smartly simple. Words are but the sound
Of intent. It’s vibration the psyche translates
On a much deeper level than left brains can’t know.
They take careful direction if they’re trained well, though.
When both brains commune easily what it creates
Is a heart/soul connection that’s ever profound.

This has been today’s exercise in making sense
With a topic mundane seen another way than
What the rational intellect can allow for.
How I then best describe it some may not ignore.
I produce and receive input. I’m glad I can.
Which it is I am doing remains in suspense.

Grumpy Gloomy Attraction

No Chance

With no conscious intention the things I attract
Disengage my self-confidence. Then I feel gloom.
Lord knows I’m not a doctor nor do I cast spells.
I have given up buying what everyone sells
As advice to deliver me from certain doom.
I receive what I don’t want. This is the hard fact.

I can’t help but feel grumpy when I play along,
As I have done forever and part of a day,
With the self-contained drama by author well known.
Does the issue resolve as I linger alone
With the things that don’t suit me and cause me dismay?
All I know is that I’m doing this thing all wrong.

And indeed there’s a right way. How oft’ I forget
That each is as a snowflake. No two are the same.
Failure is in complaining. This lesson I learn
As often as I need to. What is of concern
Is how my way evolves as I deal with self-blame.
I’ll attract and make use of what seems like a threat.

Asserting Your Freedom

Affirmative Self-Expression

It ain’t just about pride… It’s just being alive
That gives me such excitement. How can I resist
Breaking free from the prisons that I haven’t made?
I don’t need to join forces. My only crusade
Is to fight with my prowess and not with my fist.
I’m in touch with my power and personal drive.

I would say I’m transparent. My feelings you see
Without much interference. You see what you get.
I may have a large ego, but that isn’t pride.
It’s the reflection of all the joy I’ve inside
For my love is a fountain that knows no regret.
You are blessed in my presence. That’s how it shall be.

I don’t take things for granted nor am I naïve
To the hell made apparent. My focus is clear.
Life is not without conflict, and I’ll find my way
Through what I have to offer in kindness each day.
In the meantime I’ve built a defense against fear.
In this way I’m assertive and cannot deceive.

The Trapped Child Within

A Fleeting Depression

There’s a child within each of us who never grows
To objective maturity. Youth must remain
As a polar reflection. Survival depends
On the health of both child and adult. And our friends
Are often therapeutic for sharing the pain
To elicit support. All this everyone knows.

I believe in self-discipline. As an adult
I must do some adjusting and put on an act
That conceals my pure innocence. Who am I then
But a set of instructions? Both women and men
Evolve toward self-awareness as evident fact.
But we don’t know each other. Behold the result.

Serious is the tone, and substantial issues
Surely fuel the frustration. Today’s will soon pass
‘Til the next shiny toy finds its way to my view.
There is much play that my child is willing to do
That my grownup façade makes me not a jackass.
This is just a reflection and meant to amuse.

Get A Mask!

Incumbent Departure

Get A Mask, valued countrymen, while supplies last!
Since this hoax is the real thing, I’ve got a great deal.
Stock up now on my Trump mask. The money you save
You can use to support me. I cannot behave
So I’ll need a small fortune. I’ve none to conceal
But I do have an unworthy financial past.

Get A Mask because I say you must show respect
To me as the one person who knows anything.
I’m surrounded by lions and tigers and bears
And, Oh My… a few assholes! But nobody cares.
Get your big discount coupon. I’ll need you to sing
To the tune of my victory. Then you’ll collect.

Why have I changed my tune so abruptly, you ask?
I must act presidential or give it a try
When I’m backed into corners. The oath that I took
Is a lie as I say it again. I’m A Crook.
You’ll support my campaign fund if you’d only buy
A huge bunch of my product. Be up to the task.

Take The Time

Emotional Confusion

If existence is hopeless what sense does it make
To reach out to another when I’m put on hold
And rebuked by technology? Life is too cruel.
There are so many sources who all have a tool
For reducing true spirit to things that are cold.
It’s a thin line of crisis. I fear it will break.

You can all handle challenge. I Must Take The Time
To submerge into darkness to know what is there.
It’s the last place to find and to feel anything.
The dull ache I will tolerate if it can bring
But a glimmer of hope. Truly life isn’t fair.
It’s instead a fine portrait of hell in its prime.

Compromising is futile. No tender have I.
To negotiate living I come unprepared.
Possibility haunts me as I weigh the pain
Of the distant disaster I lived through in vain.
As I’m stuck firm in place with my soul running scared
Unresolved ideation is but a faint cry.

Unconditional Love

Absolute Powerlessness of the World

Unconditional Love is just love by decree
And that’s why we must love him. The Donald is cool
In the ways that he does things and puts on a show.
He’s alright for a white guy. This people should know.
We know that he’s a genius just acting the fool
To divert our attention to all that must be.

He’s like one of the family and like us all
He has character defects but then who’s to blame.
It must be always others who make him this way.
But he’s our kind of uncle. We’d like him to stay
To continue commanding us through the war game.
We’ll support him in funding that unfinished wall.

We defy definition. Love is bought and sold
Just as our leader shows us. It also must gain
Through controlling by blackmail and dark psychic ties
That turn angels to demons right before our eyes.
He demands satisfaction. Our love is insane
As we keep sticking with him and do as we’re told.

Love means giving him loyalty that he will need
To fight off all his enemies. He gets us high
On whatever he’s taking to get himself off
To the next foul behavior our foes love to scoff.
Loving him means that we should all lay down and die
If he says we should do so. We wish him Godspeed.

Emotional Profundity

Love Bites

Do I look superficial? Or are you that blind
That nothing in this world has much meaning to you?
I prefer making sense in whatever I say
And my actions match my words. No way will I play
Silly games with emotions. What I need to do
Is to find better people who are warm and kind.

You can’t see where I’m coming from? I seek the truth
In my interrelationships. Getting involved
In unworthy encounters is not why I’m here.
I do hope my position is perfectly clear.
If our friendship is fragile It should be dissolved.
It’s a waste of my time to hang with the uncouth.

Deeper meaning in life is of interest to
Every part of my being, yet I can have fun
And engage in pure folly. The right time and place
Is the thing of importance. I’ll cherish the grace
Born of wholehearted laughter with most everyone.
But my self-respect matters. This is nothing new.

My Defeat

Abject Surrender

My Defeat be a blessing and not the despair
That I otherwise notice through everyone’s eyes.
If my dreams of world glory dissolve into dust
What on earth or in heaven do I place my trust?
If my pride I relinquish do I win the prize
Of a newfound aloneness that I cannot share?

My Defeat be a shining sword and heavy shield.
If enthronement or slavery be but the choice
Then I understand sameness. My fullness is grasped
But my soul by my life is inherently clasped.
As the ripe fruit that falls has no need for a voice,
It’s consumed without asking. What truth is revealed?

My Defeat has no weight as it clings to the vine.
It must grow to its fullness before it can fall
Or be picked by a kind one or blown by the wind
In an omni-direction that it be chagrined
By its own lack of power. Then do let it sprawl.
The dull pain of inaction is no longer mine.

The madness is integral to what is at hand.
I’m apart yet not separate from the great storm.
If I see people laughing should I do the same?
Or do I remain silent and not shout my name?
When mixed with all the others it fails to transform
The delusion apparent to other than grand.