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Don’t Be A Part-Time Dreamer

Ethereal Magic

What you do on the side has become your life’s dream.
Nothing else in the world can bring more pleasure to
You than what you’ve been doing. Your nine to five job
Is something you must do but indeed it may rob
You of focus and passion. So it’s up to you
To stay centered on what in your heart is supreme.

When will you quit your day job and have more time to
Spend with family while you’re fixated on your
Most fulfilling endeavor? That’s not your concern.
Live your dream through the present. You life will in turn
Be adjusted to match your dream. What you adore
Can be done from the heart in whatever you do.

It’s not enough to know what you want. You have to
Do it and be it. Obstacles along the way
Are expected but you have the ability
To get past them. You came to the planet to be
Who you truly are and on that path you can stay
Until everything about your dream has come true.

Don’t let others convince you that you shouldn’t do
What you’re doing. Their opinion doesn’t apply
To your dream of magnificence. Go right ahead
With your dream. In this way happiness you will spread
To everyone in your life. They may wonder why
Suddenly such good luck is now coming to you.

Feeling Good Stories

Family Time

If someone comes up to you and starts telling you
About all of their troubles in vivid detail,
You might feel somewhat put upon. You’ll listen to
Their unfortunate story, then you will feel blue
Having heard it, and thoughts of concern may prevail.
You feel stuck because there’s nothing for you to do.

By the same token, if someone comes up to you
With an uplifting story, then you’re energized
And delighted to hear it. You want to hear more.
The excitement of others is what you adore.
Telling positive stories therefore is advised.
Take full advantage of what you know to be true.

Tell your story the right way so that others will
Be uplifted which means tell it the way that you
Would have it be told to you by someone who knows
All the good things about you. Forget about those
Imperfections you nurture. The world takes its cue
From your story and from your story telling skill.

Your story can affect others in a good way
Or a bad one depending on your vibration.
Keep it upbeat and ready to take on contrast.
It does no good for you to adhere to your past
Tribulations. Take into consideration
All the wonderful things that can brighten your day.