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Eye Contact

Window To The Soul

There’s no one at the gas pump or convenience store…
Just a robotic servant that works for no pay.
Automation and AI replace human heart.
The machine with a touch screen is parcel and part
Of a system evolving that siphons away
What is human. The issue one cannot ignore.

“You can reach us by tweet, on Facebook, or online.”
This way has become standard but wanting in ways

That affect natural connection with people.
It is subtly psychic in detecting most bull.
Digitized socializing does consciousness raise?
The device being smarter perhaps is a sign.

How I got by without all this technology
I myself can’t remember. I’m not yet senile,
But I seldom see people somewhat face to face.
One can’t get from an iPhone a loving embrace.
Businesses promulgate the electronic smile.
The basic human factor is lost completely.

Deficit of connection can be corrected.
Everywhere that I go, with each person I meet,
I’ll attempt to make eye contact. Eyes are windows
To the soul of another. Something in me knows
That this form of connection is wholesome and sweet.
And there’s minimal chance I or they are misread.