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Power Of The Unseen

Force Within Darkness

The moon tugs on earth’s waters and then lets them go.
We can’t see how it does that, nor can we conceive
To our full understanding what is taking place.
But the ancients before us knew of divine grace
Without fancy technology. They could perceive,
Through a power we’ve lost now, what nature won’t show.

There are also dark forces persistently strong
That we can’t see the sources of, yet they exist.
Manifesting in evil beyond what is known,
Greed and hateful behavior is all that is shown
So we know for damned sure that they can’t be dismissed.
To reiterate Shakespeare, there’s no right or wrong.

There’s what is and the narrative I give to it.
I can keep the two separate as they should be.
Self maintains its own power and is its own source.
In its own right, it is a formidable force
Which is much more invisible, as I must see
As a patent solution to all the bullshit.