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Seriously Thinking

Sorting Thorugh Thoughts

The concerns most important and front in my mind
Have to do with connection to something beyond.
Trivial are amusements. They pacify me
But for only the moment I care not to see
The picture that is larger. Therefore I respond
To life’s infinite chatter somewhat in the blind.

Making plans for the future is worth all my while
While the present prepares me for what is to come.
Buckling down is the mood that I seem to be in
But, to what is the issue. Where do I begin
Sorting out my connections and severing some
If they no longer serve nor engender a smile?

Discipline is an asset I treasure by now.
Concentration is better with coming of age
And the mind functions perfectly well. I’m surprised
That it is not declining. All would be advised
Not to be measured by some irreverent gauge.
Guidance from only spirit is what I allow.

People I find delightful are those who, with care,
Take the good things in life as divine providence.
What I find most fulfilling as life nears its end
Is the grace given to me, that I may extend
To the world with its troubles my own common sense
And the best way to do that, I find, is through prayer.