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We’re Sorry…

Customer Care From The Abyss

We Are Sorry we cannot identify you.
Since you are a real person, you do not exist.
We did send you an email. Did you get the code?
If you did, then it’s wrong. May your patience erode
And your blood pressure rise as you become more pissed.
Complicated Fucknology is what we do!

We’ve become too efficient at wasting your time
With our troubled procedures that put you to work
Chasing proof that you are you, then letting you down,
And because we are virtual we’ll make you frown.
Since we represent humans, we master the jerk
For ensured inconvenience, and it’s not a crime.

Customer Service is what we’re sorry about.
Stuck these words are in marriage that’s destined to fail
Since one is not a human but an interface
And a wall of protection. Now most commonplace
Is contempt through the digital on a large scale.
Nothing satisfies me more than digesting doubt.

Yet I can still be thankful. What living tells me
Is that some days are faultless and some not so much.
And with this understanding, what is there to do
But commit to reflection for a bigger view?
Mechanisms may flourish with no human touch.
Verified in pure essence I always will be.