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One Thing At A Time

Stay Out of a Knot

Something deeper can be felt in all that I do.
Simultaneous tasking is not the best way
To align with my spirit. Though getting things done
Is the work I must do so that I may have fun,
When I focus on one thing I cannot betray
Consciousness of the now moment sacred and true.

I hate doing the laundry when I’m not aware
Of the process of living and being at one
With sublime ever presence. When I am awake
To my pureness of being, wisely do I take
Every moment attentive to newness begun
Within little things noticed otherwise not there.

Attention is most powerful. It can infuse
Things with my conscious essence and energy field.
Little things done with spirit attuned to the now
Bring deeper understanding. The time I allow
Presence into the process, the treasure revealed
Is worth all of the trouble. And I cannot lose.

The destructive obsessions that occupy me
Are functions of the ego in its restless state.
Its seduction implying I’m bored is to laugh
In its face. It would make a candid photograph
Of free will at its freest to freely feel great
Through benign rigors mundane and necessary.

Provocative Change

Expressive Boredom

There’s an essence within me that needs to know change
From the same boring programs. I do have control
Of the ones made available, but those are few.
Not programmed for shock value, I want something new
And completely outrageous to channel my soul
Into other dimensions that most would call strange.

When some people surprise me, excitement I feel
In the drama they offer with pieces of mind
Intermixed with good humor and pure wholesomeness.
If the world scorns good times, then I’m hard to impress.
I feel much more impatient than gentle and kind.
I can switch in a heartbeat. It’s not a big deal.

May the art of provoking what must come to be
Be the one that relieves all from having to deal
With a life become stagnant. I want to take charge
Of a thrilling existence. No dream is too large
For the sense of rebellious abandon I feel.
All that I’ve been consuming can’t satisfy me.