Your True Love

Fulfillment Awaits

Soon your true love will be knocking at your front door.
If you care to believe that then go right ahead.
Miracles can occur if you know this is true
But if you’re feeling tension one thing you can do
To address the phenomenon which is widespread
Is to focus your feeling a little bit more.

Think only of your appreciation for all
That the person means to you. Pay no attention
To what you think the other is feeling for you.
Do not try to prepare yourself. You won’t be true
To who you are, then psychosis may have begun.
False starts are not advised, but that is your own call.

Prepare yourself for the person who loves seeing,
And wanting, and loving. It’s all about the flow
Outward from you as elegant love energy.
You have no concern for what comes back. That will be
Taken care of by Law of Attraction. Do know
That the person you want is the one you’re being.

If someone that you wanted to love you did not
Yours is not the imbalance. It clearly is theirs.
Think about what you want and especially why.
Keep your focus on loving, and do not be shy
With the person you know deep inside really cares
About you. This acknowledgement matters a lot.

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