What It’s Like Being Human

A Journey of Transformation

The journey of discovery, temptation filled,
Is the one you’re committed to. Understanding
What it means to be good, often in a hard way,
Is to know which decisions will lead you astray
And which ones bring aliveness and give you something
You can then offer others. By this you are thrilled.

Curious spontaneity is an issue
That gets you into trouble. Your caring nature
Is your vulnerability. Wonder to you
Is like that of the newborn. Yet you are one who
Was made just a short time ago. So you’re as pure
As the essence of newness and without a clue.

Innocently determined, the path that is wrong
Taken as a life lesson, you courageously
Traverse self-made disasters. The right change of course
Comes to you, as to others, through infinite source
Who directs every act both real and fantasy.
You must find what your truth is and where you belong.

Like a Frankenstein creature, of tree flesh you’re made
With a homely outfit and a few sundry parts.
Yet your life is pure magic, as others can see.
What It’s Like To Be Human is simply to be
In the knowledge that people had you in their hearts
  Prior to your being. This truth one can’t evade.

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