What Is Love?

Knowing Of Wholeness

I’m in love with this earth just because she exists.
Tucked away in her own orbit, she is unique
Among all other bodies that circle our sun.
In some ways she’s an island – home to everyone.
Through her dance we have seasons. Her charm and mystique
Bring love to countless life forms. Her goodness persists.

Dependence on relationship leads to danger
Among earthbound inhabitants human of race.
To say, “I cannot live without you,” is to say,
“I can’t walk without your shoes.” This sort of display
Is both sick and mechanical, yet face to face,
Joy becomes a transaction so nonsequitur.

 Love has nothing to do with ‘somebody,’ indeed,
It is felt from within. Someone may be the cause,
But I am the one feeling on top of the world.
Each of us is a blossom. Through love it’s unfurled.
Love is meant to be shared, but some loving has flaws
Being that it loves hatred, world power, and greed.

So things like earth and country, the justice I knew
Between that time and now, and intangible hope
Are worthy of my loving. The civil unrest
Through the thaw of the cold war is putrid at best.
Our democracy has chosen the downward slope.
I can love it and keep it for my love is true.

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