Untried And True

Infiltration of Clarity

Why should I remain faceless among humankind
When my eyes have been opened to more of a view
Of a clearer reality? My breadth and scope
Has increased beyond any dependence on hope
That things just might improve instantly if I knew
How to fool laws of nature all with a sharp mind.

Intuition is powerful, original
And receptive to insight. My words flow with ease.
What is my inspiration? …The need to be more
Than I am now. I’m brighter than ever before.
I’m obliged to rejoicing at times such as these
So to cherish them would be my best rationale.

 New solutions to old problems come to me now.
Spontaneity highlights adventures that are
Stimulating and fruitful among wholesome friends.
The beginning of newness is where oldness ends.
Progressive in my thinking, I may reach as far
As the all-knowing spirit in me will allow.

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