Totalization Of Purpose And Effort

No Turning Back

Heading off to a new world or one far away,
Total cooperation is need among
All, regardless of how much one is able to.
Each puts forth their best effort to see the trek through
To its awesome completion. When dry of the tongue
Then the will becomes something the flesh can’t betray.

It is linking up consciousnesses in series
That works best for the journey. The energies are
Also well integrated. An ordered sequence
Of events then repeated makes natural sense.
So immense is the distance, yet it isn’t far
From the dream that is present that everyone sees.

 Something Better is what the adventurous heart
Seeks in resolute fervor. The drive to move on
Keeps the spirit uplifted. And in its best place,
It enhances the flesh with a loving embrace
Always it’s an enlightening phenomenon.
The ending of the story is but a new start.

Promised Lands are abundant, and each is the one
Someone must be attracted to. Family and
Wholesome friends are a blessing to cadence each day
Of the otherwise arduous in a kind way.
Leave the known for the unknown is what has been planned
And with nothing to guide but the next rising sun.

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