To Retraining The Returning Routine

The Majestic Now

Back to work – the big storm dream is thus come and gone.
Delusions of nostalgia for life in the womb
Dissipate in the daylight along with the quest
To release what has always been tough to digest.
There’s a big call to duty, and life must resume.
From wherever, all life coping forces are drawn.

And the work is not obvious right off the bat.
There seems to be confusion as to how work feels.
If it drains the life out of you and causes harm
To your delicate body, this should cause alarm.
True work is of a nature which often reveals
Special passion and talent. What’s cooler than that?

The most primary work to be done is to feel
At your loving best most of the time you are here.
It takes practice and patience to get to that place
Where you can be delighted at will by the grace
Given by divine forces. Your fortune is near
In the things that, for you, are eternally real.

Your routine is as changeable as you want it.
To be drenched in such freedom is to be allowed
All the choices available for you to make.
Improve yourself not for anyone else’s sake.
For the work that you do feel genuinely proud.
You can play out your life just the way you see fit.

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