Thoughtless Action

Letting Off Steam

It’s a truth inconvenient. I must let off steam.
In the haste there’s rash action that can cause me harm.
I do need to be careful if I’m feeling fear
That some dastardly threat may decide to appear.
My hair trigger reaction becomes the alarm
By unworthy behavior quite to the extreme.

Any bad situation devolves into worse
When expressing my feelings demands anything
But a clear understanding. It then must evolve
To a good circumstance as the bad will dissolve.
Moodiness may be minded and what it may bring
Is self-worth to the spirit that fear may disperse.

Underlying frustration is hard to control.
Tension surfaces easily. Time is not now
For immersion in meeting with other than me.
If I must be with others it’s best I foresee
That my tried and failed patterns have not worked somehow.
Cognizance of the past may recover my soul.

Feeling motivates action. If keeping it clean
Is a challenge recurring, it must be on me.
I’ll behave in the way I have felt with the mind
Through the heart known completely as one who is kind
Deep inside. As a being I just want to see
My eternal ties to what is seen and unseen.

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