Things Of Beauty

Sentient Artform

Everything has its season. It’s written in stone,
In scripture, and in nature – in fact, everywhere
That the mind perceives cycles and recurring themes.
Time to be wide awake or to wallow in dreams
Is assigned by the author whom one may compare
To oneself if divinity is to be known.

Beauty sings of relationship joyfully made
In the cool heat of passion and radiant bliss.
Overwhelming sensations define when it’s time
For the sharing of magical living sublime.
Punctuating eternity with a first kiss
Will ensure future meetings will not be delayed.

How life looks to the lone self is also a thing
That can be of great beauty. The law affects all
In the way that connectedness is the ideal
That makes real everything any self wants to feel.
Cultivating one’s season is not playing small.
Happiness in good measure is what it will bring.

With all acts of all kinds and always taking place
Among manifold cultures, all perform at will
To enhanced evolution of all that we are.
In a very short time we have come very far.
Beauty to the beholder is crafted by skill
Of the burning desire for living in grace.

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