Things… Are Always Working Out For Me

Every Thing has a knowing. A consciousness is
Therein present and viable, whether or not
One believes that it’s so. Some believe it can’t be.
Yet our science has proven this to some degree.
Even thoughtforms are living. This can’t be forgot
Because as we’re forgetting, we get a pop quiz.

Things are made up of thoughtforms that have taken shape.
We give consciousness to them and then let them go.
They will cluster like stardust an act out in kind
With whatever vibration they are of like mind.
They exist to respond to us. That’s how we know
We exist in a world with no subtle escape.

Things are working out always for me and for all.
We are all things made up of things made up of life.
Therefore, thinking of things, and then feeling to see
If my thoughts are of value and satisfy me,
Is like cutting through soft butter with a hot knife.
Things are meant to act For me, as they I enthrall.

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