The Voiceless Orator


Proving yourself to be adventurous and strong,
You enjoy challenges reflecting who you are.
It’s your duty, your feel, to support those in need.
Motivated by love and honor, you proceed
With your most valiant efforts that none find bizarre.
Anywhere courage is shown is where you belong.

You don’t cherish loose morals. Focused you can be
On what is most important in the here and now.
Most aware of your intellect are those who know
Having seen your keen trickery. Wisdom you show
For the ignorant one who would call you a cow
And for all who bear witness with clear eyes to see.

You communicate perfectly well without speech
But with something much better – the best of horse sense
And a handful of rugged sounds. Gestures you use
To instruct or command but mostly to amuse.
In others you instill both strength and confidence.
Others value your wit and what you have to teach.

Loyal you are most deeply to your beloved friend.
Lasting bonds between kindred souls stronger become
Over time, through eternity, and far beyond
As each knows what is said the other will respond
To confirm the exchanging, never playing dumb
To a world most observant yet kind in the end.

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