The Slave

Distinction In Servitude

Karma built over lifetimes in lands far and near
To each one is a structure complex and diverse.
Many people have such, but for those who do not
Simple life is their blessing. They’re no hot to trot
For intrigue nor theater. Perhaps it’s a curse,
For their minds can be enslaved by systems of fear.

It’s called cause and effect. We each reap what we so.
So theatrical roles played are clear archetypes
Of the growing spectrum of human behavior.
Characters act out drama between rich and poor
Among other dichotomous dark stars and stripes.
Reenactment and curtain call restart the show.

Complete rectification for all earthly deeds
Can’t be known in one instance of experience.
The spiritual process always taking place
Can take one through despair to a rewarding grace.
Free will is in the asking devoid of pretense
In the moment’s salvation fulfillment of needs.

The unending drama of repeating patterns
That each one must experience can be altered
Or can continue unchanged with minimal gain
In the growth of the spirit. Life lived is in vain,
And the lost silver lining is all but absurd
So the whole system resets and nobody learns.

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