The Question Is NOT the Answer

Don’t keep asking the question. The answer can’t come
In the midst of my asking, then asking some more.
As like poles of the magnet will surely repel
Strongly each other’s presence, this doesn’t bode well
For attracting the answer that I’m looking for.
This is counter-intuitive, but not to some.

When I ask, it is given, the moment I ask.
The kind cosmos receives it, then takes it to heart.
It is much like a heart. It’s a pumping device.
And whatever I ask for, it doesn’t think twice
In providing the answer. The cosmos is smart.
As much as I allow, it performs any task.

Is it wise to consider the magnetic mode,
Where receiving and giving are opposite ends
Of this segment of being? I have little doubt.
I must feel for life’s answer in stillness devout.
Is the answer forthcoming? Well, that all depends
On my mode of receiving all that is bestowed.

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