The Present Is Past


Has my now whizzed right past me, yet I have not seen
That it’s done so, while my sharp attention fell short
Of the sight of my own path? Am I far away
From the now, where I want to be? What could I say
To the life left behind me that it would support
My advancing along to a future serene?

That’s a bunch of tough questions. Could I write all that
On a sign big enough that it catches life’s eye
As it passes me, standing, with somewhere to go?
I will get there in time that I’ll know it, although
Every now that I’m after will then say good bye.
I get by on my feet. I don’t have life down pat.

I can turn and move forward. My now stays in place
As I keep the mind focused on what is ahead.
Then, it feels like I’m driving. I am in a car.
Though it’s made out of flesh, it can get me quite far
On my path through eternity, blissfully tread.
I have nothing but nowness, then more, to embrace.

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