The Old Heart * Mind Collusion

We know learning to read becomes reading to learn
At some point along doing the work to be done.
It becomes easy going, like riding a bike.
Training wheels and our language behave just alike.
Seems a circuit is switched on when reading is fun.
For a world of adventure we don’t have to yearn.

Now when thinking to feel becomes feeling to think,
That’s a matter of harvesting thoughts that feel good.
I will think toward good feelings, then savor them well.
When consumed in contentment my mood will compel
The emergence of more thoughts. The sure likelihood
Is that those thoughts will conjure more feelings in sync.

When the heart takes to minding, as mind takes to heart,
Its sole business of feeling its way toward belief
In a loving world order controlled by us all,
We may master the mind and see all things as small.
I extract thought from feeling and feed every leaf
Of my own tree of life through an ever new start.

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