The Near Life Experience

Who are nearer to living life well every day
Than our children, who know that this life is a game?
They are carefree, yet helpless in so many ways.
They depend on us to guide them through the rat’s maze.
But when they reach adulthood, they’re not quite the same.
They may lose some of life due to spirit decay.

It’s a near life experience being with kids.
Their sincere effervescence is soup for the soul.
Put some kids in your presence, then watch the clouds lift.
They may cause us some chaos, but they are God’s gift
To a world that needs plenty of soup in its bowl.
They may teach us delight in whatever life bids.

To experience living well is to be young
In one’s outlook toward everything. Nothing is bad
Of itself unless it is a far away thing
From that which is alive and can make the heart sing.
There is nothing more sick than a child who is sad.
Perhaps nearness to death is where hatred has sprung.

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