The Manufacturer Is Within

We are made from the inside out while in the womb.
If but one drop of this knowledge enters my day,
I’ll be living life naturally magically.
For a while I am human. Some day I won’t be.
The magnificent body is not here to stay.
It will remain efficient by will to consume.

If I eat a banana, it soon becomes me.
There’s a ton of intelligence present within.
It allows for survival and functioning well.
It’s as if a grand master has cast a deep spell
Upon matter become me. Original sin
Is the conscious decision to not clearly see.

What exists is a competence driving this beast.
With complete understanding of its complex ways,
It then is its own doctor, effectively so
When I don’t interfere with all that it must know.
Illnesses may befall me the rest of my days
But the maker within me is harmed in the least.

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