The Larger View

An Overview Effect

When the most comprehensive of views is required
Then I must become tolerant of other ways
That I don’t understand on the level mundane.
Insight breeds within foresight for maximum gain.
Need I walk on a tightrope to widen my gaze?
It is not necessary but may be desired.

I translate nervous tension from all that I feel
To the language of living in personal growth.
Life experience teaches more than can be known
To the person who lives it. Yet it has been shown
That a broader perspective avails me of both
A release of the tension and genuine zeal.

Understanding humanity is not the goal
But the means to an atmosphere lively and fun.
At a glance I see forest among all the trees.
All that I now behold puts my spirit at ease.
Does it mean that by now daily living is done?
All it means is that I have become much more whole.

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