The Control Surrender Brings

The Strength Of Letting Go

The more you surrender to who you really are
The more that you will realize that it’s control
Because you have it already. You just forgot.
You have what’s called a ‘higher self.’ It knows a lot.
Sometimes it is referred to as your ‘oversoul.’
From the truth that is purest this cannot be far.

Fear may be the emotion that first manifests
At the notion of giving up any damned thing
Let alone your control of things. You often fail
Because you disregard one important detail:
The feeling of relief that surrender can bring.
Yet it’s one of your most adamant of requests.

To a deeper wisdom and knowing we can turn
Our ego and self-will. There’s a higher timeline
And a plan that we follow. We need to let go
Of our painful distortions that trouble us so.
Trust in that wisdom that everything will be fine.
With each instance there is so much that we can learn.

We are not giving up on the situation.
We give up on the notion that we are able
To manage what’s occurring. We come to adjust
Our ill attitude toward it. We learn to trust.
Our spiritual life can become more stable
When we know that there is no hard work to be done.

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