The Charm Of The Chef

True Romanticism

An iconic romantic is he with the smile
That can melt the most bitter of hearts instantly.
Comforting, entertaining, dynamic, and kind,
He’s as jolly a fellow as nature can find.
At his craft he’s a master. Most deliciously,
His work meets the occasion of elegant style.

Diligent is his effort to put folk at ease
And to make them feel special, knowing that they are
Simply by their existence… no matter what breed

That appearance may dictate, he shows not the need
To engage in exclusion. One feels like a star
In his warmhearted providence catered to please.

Moments meant to be poignant are his to address
With the skill of the lover whose heart is of gold.
The gregarious leader’s most magical gifts
Are his positive feelings. His presence uplifts
Any low hanging spirits above the threshold
Of delighted contentment in life’s warm caress.

 One with imagination and passion to be
At the service of others, rarely he must know
Turmoil or desperation. Wholesomeness is shown
In the art of the purpose that I may atone
For those parts of myself that don’t help me to grow.
My connection with others is not about me.

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