The Advantage Of New Surroundings

The Perpetual Management of Spring

My surroundings familiar satisfy me
But sometimes I’ve the urge to see different things…
Not that I’m steeped in boredom and must get away.
Often a change of scenery brightens my day
And refreshes my outlook. Easily it brings
A new sense of wellbeing that sets the soul free.

A profound opportunity at my avail
For the practice of presence in place of the mind
I shall take as it’s offered, for it is a gift
From oneself to oneself with intent to uplift
The pure essence of each with true self intertwined
In a manifold matrix of soulful detail.

Where I go and what I see in daily routine
Become sensory data the body ignores
For the most part because it knows what to expect.
It is normal for senses to flatly reject
Input from the environment. Closed are its doors
To the meaning of presence. It’s just a machine.

People feel more alive when they travel from home.
When it’s not all that feasible then delve into
An obsession magnificent dear to the heart.
Anything done in presence gives life a kick start.
Pay attention to everything that you may do
And allow the true self all the freedom to roam.

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