That Quiet Place

The Sanctum Within

I’ve got to be alright with what I have going
On with me because it is vibrationally
What I’ve got going on, and it is what it is.
I can’t buck my own current, and I’m not a whiz
At what I should be doing to keep myself free
Of dangerous presences that stunt my growing.

Beating up on my damned self is not an option
As the Law Of Attraction will continue to
Keep me focused on the mess I’ve got going on.
All I can do with it is to wish it were gone
But among a handful of some things I can do
Is a thing that most people call meditation.

It’s a powerful tool that infuses my mix
Of vibration a little more each coming day
With who I really am and with all that I know.
It waters my resistance down and it will slow
Negative momentum in a natural way
Without pills or procedures or subconscious tricks.

The more clear and less cluttered I am the more I
Am aligned with my true self. More love and less hate
Will become automatic but gradually.
I was placed on this green earth so that I can be
Maintaining my connection as I co-create
In a world made of wonder with no wonder why.

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