Ominous Forces

It’s easy not to notice as feelings converge
And an ominous focus commands the free will.
One ignores the reality of common sense
And evades consequences at one’s own expense.
Devious is the deed that the will must fulfill.
There is no contemplating dismissing the urge.

Separating the truth from fiction can’t be done.
They are so interweaved that they present as one
Narrative of deception. The well laid out plan
Is the one most effective. Conniving began
As an innocent thing with ill will meant toward none.
Sinister are the acts perpetrated for fun.

All the world remains vulnerable in the eyes
That see all as a nuisance. All are made aware
That potential for evil to try out its hand
Is as vivid as ever. Who can reprimand
Predators in the darkness programmed to ensnare
Unsuspecting inhabitants lesser than wise?

The temptation upon us to cower in fear
Or pretend all is well is the weaker by far
Than the urge to take notice and not be asleep
Nor to be wrongly herded as ignorant sheep.
How things turn out depends on how conscious we are.
There can still be rejoicing in these times austere.

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