Temperamental Ambition

Feeling Ambition and Physical Energy

If perception is distorted in such a way
That it’s hard to distinguish completely between
Issues that are important and those that are not,
Then ambition is squandered in solving a plot
That no other is part of. When senses are keen,
Everything done with vigor will brighten one’s day.

Often I feel impulsive when getting things done.
There’s an unwanted urgency I can’t shrug off.
With a strong sense of passion, the work that I do
Can reveal much more meaning and offer a view
Of success in the long run. My spirit does scoff
At the notion of failure, though rest I may shun.

There are times to accomplish and times to kick back
And observe what’s been worked on to gain more insight.
Need I be in a hurry? More time is at hand
To do all that I need to. There is no demand
To produce more and faster, and I take delight
In a life reconcilable and void of lack.

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