Succeeding at Joy

I hear joy is the product of drive and success
Where the drive is pure energy shaped by the mind.
The amount of the joy I let myself feel
Is a strong indicator success is for real.
This mantra math formula’s method is kind.
When I’m feeling my best, I’ve much love to express.

I do write about joy, and then, about pain
Not to give one a tour of emotional scale
But to leave fossil records in deep neural folds
In the cortex of consciousness. Nature beholds
That when I feel good I am best to avail
My soul of life’s treasures. There’s so much to gain.

The allowing of joy into life is the key
Though it’s oft’ better said than is actually done.
The trick is in tracking each moment with care
Being conscious of feeling and being aware
Of whatever’s uplifting and constitutes fun.
The equation is sound. Is that easy to see?

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