Something New

Too Bored To Look Back

There’s no reason for boredom. If life drags me down
Then a crap load of mind clutter must be the cause.
Taking on Something New, then, may remedy that.
Moving forward is something I don’t have down pat
So, whenever I do, I give myself applause.
If I stay where I am I can wear but a frown.

There’s so much to explore in this world made most real
To the physical senses and magnetic mind.
They all work in conjunction and focus my soul
Into fact-finding consciousness. It’s not my goal
To not be interwoven among humankind.
Something New resurrects me. It has great appeal.

 Before me there’s a corridor made of pure light.
I cannot see what’s in it, yet I must go there.
All the trust in my doing so comes from within.
All points leading to one place is where I begin
An exciting adventure I would not compare
To the sameness I know now. The future is bright.

Not content with the mundane, I need full release
From apparent entrapment the self has allowed
To take over its spirit. It’s loving life force
Does return to its natural wholeness, of course.
With a thirst for discovery I am endowed.
Something New is a blessing of ultimate peace.

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