Sleuth Of Seduction

Forbidden Love And Hidden Feelings

Now while you have a body that generates heat
Life itself is a powerful stimulant drug.
Dancing with mother nature is not about sleep
But intense interactions with people you keep
Normally at a distance. It’s not time to shrug
Off the passion you have for the ones that you meet.

Sultry, intimate bonding is what you desire.
Your discretion decoded is welcome among
Those who, feeling the same, want to make time with you.
Your encounters transformative take on a new
Sense of intrigue and urgency. Feeling quite young,
Interaction is powerful fuel for the pyre.

Be prepared for the bonding of body and soul
To remake a new creature. God makes you divine.
What’s expected of you is to cherish the work
And the vast, loving playing field is just the perk
In an otherwise dull life endured by design.
Take a stroll on the wild side, and don’t lose control.

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