Sit… Rest… Don’t Worry….

The Illusion of Aloneness

Broken is my awareness of gut level doubt.
No solution appropriate for what is true
Manifests to restore me. So uncertainty
I can’t see my way through. This does not have to be
A conundrum of conscience. What then can I do
But surrender and then find a way to chill out?

Spending time doing noting is good for the soul.
In the mundane existence the things that are done
Are without much awareness of being alive.
If this isn’t felt often, the life I deprive
In each moment I will regret in the long run.
I’m alive, but to feel that can make me more whole.

Life itself is miraculous if I can see
Past my hard blue constructions and simply give in
To the flow of eternity where I belong.
Outside I appear weak, but inside I am strong
In most subtle observance of essence within.
I could worry, but life still must happen to me.

Take a deep breath, relax with the torso and head
In alignment, and cherish what is given all
For an hourglass while to live out with free will
To be frantic the whole time or learn to sit still.
Cultivation of honor for things that seem small
Keeps me conscious perhaps of all the living dead.

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