The Wonderful World Within

I feel drained around people. Recharging is due.
Too much input from everywhere weakens the mind
And the spirit that feeds it. A time to relax
So the fluid subconscious can seep through the cracks
Of my hardened constructions should help me to find
Some relief in existence. I’ve heard this is true.

People broadcast two signals to all other souls.
One is conscious intent. The other is unknown
To the self who behaves while completely awake.
But the unconscious messages make no mistake
In revealing true motives not otherwise shown
But through keen observation that feeling controls.

Overload is a common occurrence these days
Where too much information impregnates the air.
Intermixed with the digital, signals of folk
Tell of horrendous stories that only evoke
The sensation of bloating. Were I not aware
Of its harm I’d be trapped in a world of malaise.

 Getting rid of the mental clutter that collects
And blends into the life stream is hopeful hygiene.
As all things need a cleaning, the psyche is one
That should get top priority ‘til the job’s done.
What I broadcast to others I want to be clean
Sensing clearly that this is what wellness expects.

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