Scary Bear Daycare

Accomplished Yet Friendly

Driven by strong ambition to rise to the top
Of your chosen profession, your work excites you.
Progressive and accomplished, you love a fair game
Of friendly competition where there is no shame
In defeat. Being modest and laid-back, your view
Of the world is a stage with a happy backdrop.

Confidence is your credo. Tenacious and tough,
You are intimidating and proud to be so.
But you’re also sincere… quite in tune with insight
Enough so that you help others’ futures be bright.
Bred in you is dichotomy, and what you show
Is your best self to others. To you, that’s enough.

When your world is turned upside down, you can adjust
And take responsibility seriously.
Frightened by human babies, you handle them well.
You will sacrifice everything rather than sell
Yourself short on your keen sense of morality.
You are known to be someone most others can trust.

Learning from your encounters, for worse or better,
With creatures who are alien to all you know,
You can cultivate wisdom and share it with those
Whose mistaken beliefs they may blindly impose
Upon all of society. And as you grow
To spiritual fullness, good times shall occur.

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