Re-Enhanced Equanimity

Relax In Cooperation

There is time to relax in a positive way.
I could be reminiscing of happier days…
Like before having been born or after I’m gone
Or brief moments while here among cursed human spawn.
Yet somewhere in the present I give myself praise
For deciding to just have a wonderful day.

Ears and eyes remain open. The mind, somewhat closed
To all but what’s around me, can finally breathe.
Harmony with itself calls for me to join in.
The magnificent trio shines right through my skin.
I can learn from the contrast of times when I seethe
For untenable reasons that harm when exposed.

I can call this a good day. I wish I could all.
And I can if I want to. It’s all up to me
To decide how I’m feeling with no thought in mind.
Rather than fight the whole world, can I be more kind
To myself and to others? Can I wait and see?
There’s no time like the present to stop feeling small.

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