Perceptual Pineality

I perceive the pineal the same as most do.
Some don’t know a thing of it, nor care that it’s there
At the center of consciousness, deep in the brain.
Those who think they aren’t psychic are foolish to feign
Disability, knowing we can be aware
Of that which is perceivable through subtle view.

 That our eyes are a threesome most people have heard.
There are two for the physical, and one evolved
To conceive the unknowable, when one learns how
To relax into mindfulness and to allow
Pure reception. My issues with life are resolved
As my vision is sharpened and spirit is stirred.

Some may feel it’s a spare eye. To others, it’s prime.
It depends on which world we most operate in.
Both the spiritual world and the denseness of earth
Are domains coexistent – each one giving birth
To the other. The veil grows increasingly thin.
We commute to and from pretty much all the time.

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