Own’s Ambiguous Image

Enigma of Self

Am I needing someone else to make me feel whole?
Is not love consecrated to give and receive
Among friends, between lovers and all whom we know?
Even to those we’ll never meet love we must show.
Through my own pure vibration, appearing naïve,
I attract what is best for my hungering soul.

Knowing I can’t demand love, with self I’m involved
To the tune of neuroses. I don’t get work done,
For the flood of emotions my mind cannot soak
Still disable its functioning. Feelings evoke
The raw truth of the heart. Then real growth has begun.
Does it mean that the problem is somewhat resolved?

If I take much for granted, the love that I seek
Is allotted unto me in quite the same way.
It makes sense then to cherish each breath that I take
And each casual contact with people I make.
Those of like heart can make life a wonderful day.
This reflection of mine is in no way unique.

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