On Traversing The Span


If I could but aspire to traverse the wire
Of life without stepping on obvious pain,
Then will I have done well in avoiding the hell
That would cast doubt upon me that I can’t do well?
With some pain on my journey, there’s much room for gain.
If I say that out loud, does that make me a liar?

To compete with the barbs of life is a tough dance.
One must not only care about where one steps next.
One must overcome fear of big crowds and of heights.
One must tune out the noise and the bright circus lights.
One must keep oneself steady and not be perplexed
By the serious nature of one’s circumstance.

When the wire is kept taught, performing is good.
And although barbs are present, one’s footing is strong.
It’s in tune to the tightness, so balance is sure.
Life is better traversed with a consciousness pure
And a spirit that knows that nothing can go wrong.
I do traverse my best when this is understood.

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